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What Innovations Integrated Solar Street Light Landscape Lights Manufacturer

What innovations Landscape

With the development of society, fewer and fewer resources on Earth, our production costs become higher, landscape is no exception, each producing a product there are a variety of risks. Therefore the ensuing solar energy, wind energy utilization gradually widespread landscape full account of this factory, a lot of landscape lights are powered by solar power. Leon Lighting Co., the long-term to provide our clients with quality landscape, brings you the following innovation integrated solar landscape lights.

all in one solar street light

1. Energy saving and environmental protection, which uses natural light, no consumption of energy, but could not finish inexhaustible use it, in line with environmental protection requirements, no pollution, no radiation, ecological protection;

2. Safety, long service life, low installation cost, easy maintenance. Since the products do not use the AC, and the use of the battery to absorb solar energy by low-voltage DC into light, is the safest power;

3. High technology content, the core of the product means that the intelligent control unit settings, when the control switch apparatus according to the brightness of the sky and people within the 24 hours a day in various environments need to automatically adjust the brightness.

When we grasp these innovations integrated solar landscape lights, they are ready to bring more help for themselves when to buy their own landscape, so you can buy high-quality landscape.

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